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Camel with Leopard Print and Red

April 9, 2018

I don’t know if I just have work on my mind as I prepare for Mondays or it’s a fluke that I’ve posted so many work ensembles at the beginning of the week (like here and here). But today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite go-to’s for work or, in my case, speaking from the platform. I fall back on these camel slim ankle pants, my sheer leopard print top and a red cardigan time and again. This outfit may be “that ol’ thing,” but it still works!


My camel colored ankle pants have a hidden side zip for a smooth fit with no fuss. The fabric has a slight stretch that keeps it shape nicely with wear. They are Talbots Chatham Ankle pants, similar to these. But this year’s version of the ankle pant has belt loops.

I think this deep camel is a great color and is a lovely basic for your wardrobe, pairing nicely with so many shades, including shades of navy, black, brown, red, green, orange or pink.


My sheer leopard print top is sleeveless and includes its own lightweight camisole. It can be worn tucked in or out of your slacks, and I wear it both ways. But since this sweater covers the hem nicely, I chose to go untucked on this day. I purchased my top at Talbots many years ago. (Will leopard ever go out of style?) But here’s one you could check out that is budget friendly from Nordstrom, and here’s a top that is pricier but gorgeous.


I have learned the hard way that if I’m going to pair a sleeveless top with my cardigan I better be comfortable with taking the cardigan off and baring my arms. Eventually, I’ll find myself in a hot space and need to take this added layer off. But I rarely choose to go sleeveless in professional situations voluntarily. Still, I wanted you to see that this top can hold its own without the cardigan. What about you? Do you mind baring your arms?


Yes, my red cardigan is a long ago Talbots find as well. But you can always count on them to have a wide selection of their Charming Cardigans. But I’ve included a couple of other nice cardigans in the shopping “widget” below that you might want to check out, too.


My nude slingback heels are several years old and have served me so well. Here’s a nice block heel pair from Enza Angiolini at Nordstrom Rack and I love these Sam Edelman kitten heels.


I paired a double strand of costume pears with my leopard print. Something about the juxtaposition from animal print to pearls appeals to me. I think it’s fun! And an ensemble like this can look a little too serious without a fun accent.

Red is a power color. And it is the perfect accent to many animal prints. That’s why I think this outfit is one that gives you influence and confidence. You’ll find more shopping links in the widget below. And definitely let me know how you like to wear your animal print.

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I’ve worked in an office environment before that was filled with tension and distrust, anxiety and discontent. Maybe you are working in a similar environment this week, or maybe your workplace is difficult for other reasons. That can be really hard. I encourage you today to cling to the instructions the Bible provides for getting along with others. We can’t control other people – their behavior, reactions or attitudes. But we can control our own, even if it seems impossible at moments. Lean into the Lord and ask Him to help you be a light at your workplace this week.

“For where envy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every kind of evil.” ~ James 3:16

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16 thoughts on “Camel with Leopard Print and Red

  1. Good morning! Love the outfit. I’m wearing my camel pants today! I own the same Talbots top. Great minds…

  2. Love leopard print and red together. I use leopard as a neutral, a scarf or shoes. I hope it never goes out of style. Rest and feel better soon.

    1. Yes, I love Talbots. I’m having to work really hard to feature clothing from other stores as well because I tend to just gravitate toward Talbots! But I’m determined to offer a well rounded assortment. Thanks for dropping in Julie!

    1. Thank you, Katya! It is a very simple piece. In fact, it would be so easy to make one of these. But elegant.

      Thanks so much for dropping in today!

  3. I love your red cardigan. So classy and elegant. Your whole outfit looks wonderful and you’re a beautiful lady.