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Office Apparel Layered with Pretty Details

April 2, 2018

It’s Monday again, but this one follows a long weekend for some of you. That makes it even harder to go back to work, doesn’t it? But I hope you have a job you enjoy and from which you gain a sense of satisfaction. And I especially hope this week is one in which you meet all your deadlines, communicate easily with your co-workers, enjoy the processes and get lots of affirmation. How’s that for a work week blessing! Now let’s talk office apparel…


Today I’m sharing another outfit suitable for many work place environments. I know that some professions require you to fine tune your wardrobe more carefully than others. But if you work in a fairly relaxed office, retail space, classroom or organization, this ensemble may resonate with you.

Office Apparel with Denim Slacks

I’m wearing my Talbots Chatham Ankle Pants in a brushed faux denim. I don’t think this fabric or color is available right now, but I’ve linked you to several alternatives with these pants and these pants from Talbots and these pants from Ann Taylor. I think the silhouette of these pants adds polish to your office apparel.

Office Apparel with Cardigan and Silky blouse

I think a cardigan is almost a must for the office, unless you generally wear a suit jacket. A cardigan provides the warmth you need when the air conditioner kicks on, but it’s also comfortable, easy to move around in and gentle on the eyes. Choose a cardigan that hangs well on you and you’re not just adding warmth, you’re adding to your silhouette. This one is from Talbots a couple of years ago, but here’s a link to one I like at Loft.

Office Apparel with Cardigan

But what I really love about this combination is the silky floral print top that softens the look without minimizing its influence. I picked up this little Olive & Ivy sleeveless top from Marshalls, but I love this one from Express, this one from Banana Republic, and this one from Ann Taylor.

My shoes are navy wedges. Here are some similar shoes from Life Stride. I bet they’re comfortable, which is necessary for work shoes, don’t you think?

Office Apparel with silver jewelry

My earrings are some you’ve seen before. Honestly, I have to force myself not to wear these every day. But then, why? They just work. I think I like these twirl earrings from Brighton because they have movement. Here’s a similar pair of earrings currently available from Brighton.

My necklace is a discontinued pattern from James Avery, but here’s a similar pendant they have now. While some costume jewelry is certainly appropriate for the work place, I think it’s a good idea to have some classic silver or gold pieces of jewelry to wear with our office apparel. What are your preferences for jewelry in the work environment?

James Avery Charm Bracelet

My James Avery charm bracelet is undoubtedly one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and reminds me of a precious work place memory, in fact. When I was in the fifth grade, my mother taught a 6th grade class just a few doors down from my classroom. Frequently I would hear her walking through the hall between our classrooms as her similar silver charm bracelet jingled on her arm. I remember that sweet, comforting sound every time I put my own overflowing bracelet on my wrist.

I also got my Adorned Hearts ring from James Avery, and it’s now available in gold.

Office Apparel with Pink Cardigan

Let’s make it a great week at work. One of the ways we can elevate our job is by elevating our office apparel. We can keep it professional, but also add a little personality, some soft accents, layers of texture and the colors we love. Here’s to getting the job done…and looking good while we do it!

I posted another office look last week. If you didn’t get to see it, you can read it here. The “widget” below provides easy and secure access to some of the components of the look in this post. They’ll take you to familiar store websites like Loft, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Talbots. You can shop, or just look!

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The Proverbs 31 woman intimidates most of us, but we admire her all the same. One of the characteristics of this woman that intrigues me most is her work ethic. She is industrious! And she seems to work outside the home, inside the home and through her home. I don’t think this chapter is supposed to make us feel inferior; I think it’s meant to inspire us. 

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at her future.” ~ Proverbs 31:25

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One thought on “Office Apparel Layered with Pretty Details

  1. Thank you for the work wear outfits and the work week blessing! I like your sense of style and have been enjoying Dressedformyday! Also look forward to reading Blessed for my day 🙂