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Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

March 12, 2019

Yesterday as I was looking through my calendar I realized that this Saturday marks the one-year birthday of Dressed for My Day. Yay!!! So you can expect a celebration post on Saturday, complete with party favors, a drawing for a give-away and cake!! Meanwhile, today I’m posting one of my favorite spring outfits – my blush pink chinos topped with classics. Yes, this is definitely what I’m wearing to the Birthday Party!!

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

Y’all, this is my spring uniform. I love showing you so many different styles, and I do wear many of them. But this is where I live. You can’t beat these soft chinos for comfort. And everything else here is down to earth but oh so classic, too.

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

I’m absolutely crushing on soft pink or blush this spring. #colorcrush But I have decided that there’s a right way to wear it and a wrong way.

Do wear blush pink on one piece of clothing only within an outfit.

Don’t pair it with only baby blue. That pairing, without any other colors to ground it, just looks too cliche.

Do wear it with a darker color like navy, black or maybe olive green.

Do pair it with denim.

Do add touches of white or off white for balance.

Do wear blush pink in your accessories, like a belt, handbag, sneakers or sandals, if you’d prefer.

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

I love the blush pink chinos with the denim jacket, but even when I remove the jacket I have a balanced and beautiful look with this classic navy and white tee. And this tee, which also comes in yellow and white, is a real bargain, less than $10 as I’m writing this post.

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

If you use the styling analogy of the movie cast I explained in this post, the blush pink chinos are definitely the star of this show. But a strong supporting cast of real classics is what keeps the pink pants from over-performing.

These chinos also come in plus sizes, but not in the blush pink.

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

Even my sneakers, bucket bag and sterling silver jewelry are classic pieces. Do you see how pairing the pink chinos with these pieces keeps them from looking childish or even clownish?

By the way, these Supergas run a tad large, so you might want to size down 1/2 size. I’m wearing my normal size, but they’re definitely roomy.

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

Last I checked, it appeared that there is only one left of my small navy bucket bag. I’m loving it. But the next size up is only $10 more. And it’s more of a true bucket bag. Oh, and it even comes in a beautiful blush pink! Truly gorgeous.

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

My earrings are by Brighton, but the rest of my jewelry is James Avery. I felt like this outfit called for stout sterling silver pieces to add to the classic feel. Here is a similar cuff bracelet, a similar necklace pendant and the ring I’m wearing.

Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

You’ll see me wearing other blush pink pieces here on Dressed for My Day this spring. And each time you’ll see that I “ground them” with either classic pieces or denim. And I guess denim is really classic, too.

What about you? Do you love the new blush pink? Are you planning to wear it in jeans, chinos, a jacket or maybe a trench coat like mine? Or maybe you’d prefer to try this trending color in a beautiful blush pink handbag or shoes. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Blessed for My Day

Today may you be blessed with the sweet assurance that God is faithful. Even when we are fickle, He is faithful. When we are forgetful, He is faithful. And when we just don’t feel up to it, still He is faithful. 

Because God is faithful we can walk into this day with confidence. We do not have to fear the unknown or fret over the unseen. God will keep His promises, He is with us and He is at work. Consider your present worries and concerns. How do they fade in the light of God’s faithfulness?

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations. ~ Deuteronomy 7:9

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20 thoughts on “Blush Pink Chinos Topped with Classics

  1. I love all shades of pink but blush is my favorite. I wear my blush jeans with an off white top and my leopard flats or heels. Pink and leopard are my signature colors ? I do like it with the navy, I would not have thought to put that combo together. I’m not so patiently waiting for spring but as soon as I feel it the blush jeans will come out!

  2. Cute outfit and I love those pants on you! I don’t have any blush in my closet yet, but I guess I need to remedy that. Happy 1st blog birthday (a few days early)! I’ve been following you almost from the start and am so glad I found your blog. A little corner of positivity in this complicated world. Thank you for that.

    1. Ahh, thanks Alison. I greatly appreciate loyal readers like you. In fact, it’s really all about you! Thanks so much for reading!! ?

  3. Blush pink is one of my favorite colors. You look great! Taking many of your pieces on vacation. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Saturday. Looking forward to party!

  4. Kay, Love all of the styling tips from you, they help me so very much! I have been following your face care tutorials for the last week (ordered most of the things you recommended from your links) and can’t hardly believe how well everything is working. I am 63 and have never worn much makeup. After following your tutorials, I always wear makeup but my husband consistently tells me my skin looks so smooth, he can never tell I am wearing makeup. Love, love, love your blog:-)

  5. I love all shades of pink and am glad since it is one of the best colors for me to wear. Thank you for the tips on what to pair with the blush pink. I do have a blush pink handbag. Fabulous BFMD!

  6. Loving the blush! I have a couple of handbags and a pair of jeans in blush. I need to break out my jeans even though the weather here still says winter. Thanks for BFMD, it’s always good to be reminded of His faithfulness ?
    I’m looking forward to Saturday’s post! ???

  7. Love blush pink and love this outfit! Thank you for styling chinos. Sometimes it’s just too hot for jeans and I love other options you style. Also, thank you for your hard work. Your blog is so informative and helpful and I learn a lot. So glad I’m following.

  8. You look amazing in this outfit! I have everything in my closet! Can’t wait for it to warm up so I can copy! Thanks for what you do!!!