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Blush Pink Blazer + White Slacks for Spring

April 2, 2019

Greetings! And welcome to Dressed for My Day where my goal is to inspire and help women like you and me to dress beautifully and appropriately for our unique days so we can engage gracefully with those around us and influence them positively. Remember, the way we dress each day not only affects how others view us, but it also influences how we feel and think about ourselves and, thus, how we engage with the world.

Today I’m sharing with you how I took pieces from my closet and added a pretty blush pink blazer from Target to create a sophisticated, timeless and feminine look for spring. Let’s get started!

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

It turns out there are so many beautiful ways to style this blush pink linen blazer. In fact, I’m going to share three more with you later this week. But today I wanted to focus on this soft, feminine look that I created with my white dress slacks, a simple white and grey striped v-neck tee and a few well chosen accessories.

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

I’ve actually been reading up on how to style blush pink, and one of my favorite combinations that I’ve seen is this soft, white and pale pink palette. While the blush pink can definitely work as a soft contrast to black, blue denim or even navy, it looks luminescent and elegant when paired with white or off white.

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

Of course my bucket bag is also a blush pink, but it’s a different hue. So the combination of the two pinks creates texture and interest. It’s a nice layering effect.

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

My white pants have a nice heft so they keep their shape and don’t need a lining. But they’re also light weight enough for summer, and soft and stretchy for easy wearing. I’m wearing the curvy fit, as I often do in white jeans or pants. I don’t want them clinging to me!

While my snakeskin shoes are definitely on trend, they are some I’ve had in my closet for close to 10 years. #closetscore!

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

I think this bucket bag – a Michael Kors spring sale score – is one of my favorite things right now. Yep. It will definitely make the April Favorites list. It’s unlined, roomy enough for all the things and such a lovely, elegant shade of pink.

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

I added some dainty layering necklaces and these pink tinged tortoise shell earrings (another Target find) to accessorize this soft look. I like the way the dark colors in the earrings pick up the grey stripe in the tee, but they still keep the outfit rich and sophisticated.

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants
white Chatham pants (wearing curvy fit, also available in petites) // white tee w/grey stripes (wearing medium) // blush pink linen blazer (wearing 8, TTS) // shoes (no longer available, option) // soft pink bucket bag // palm necklace // mini chloe necklace // tortoise shell hoop earrings // silver ring

I’ve shared my obsession with this particular v-neck pocket tee from Target, but I don’t think I’ve shown this white with grey stripe version yet. You’re going to see it again later this week when I show you three more ways to wear this tee and blazer.

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

I wore this very outfit to church Sunday, and I felt appropriately dressed but also ultra feminine and ready for spring. You could also wear this ensemble to most work environments, to a bridal or baby shower, to lunch with the gals or even to a professional conference. So versatile and lovely!

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I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’m just loving all the soft, blush pinks this season. Recently a reader asked me the difference between blush pink and soft pink, and I gave some long-winded answer. Haha! Now that I’ve read up on it a little more, I’m not sure there really is a decided difference. I think it’s just what some brands are choosing to call their pink. But bottom line, soft pink is definitely on trend…and so easy for most anyone to wear. Let me know what you think!

Blessed for My Day

Being “in the pink” today reminds me of the heart. And that gets me to thinking about where my heart rests. If my heart really rests with the Lord, I will show that by investing in the things He has invested in. Specifically He invested in the salvation of people. God loves people more than anything.

How do I show that my heart is where His is? When I pray for people, especially for their salvation and their relationship with the Lord, my heart is with His. When I share His love, grace, mercy and kindness with other people, my heart is with His. And when I make the hard decisions to live a holy life that reflects well on Him, then my heart proves to rest with Him.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~ Matthew 6:21

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xoxo, Kay
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5 thoughts on “Blush Pink Blazer + White Slacks for Spring

  1. Good morning Kay. I have loved pink since I was a little girl, it’s one of my very favorite colors! This look is beautiful and very elegant. Exactly how I like to dress.

  2. Kay, you are “pretty in pink.” Feel like you do about white pants—don’t like clinging or see-through! Enjoyed today’s post.

  3. You look absolutely stunning in pink!! I bought this blazer too and SO anxious to wear it. Our temps have not been warm enough yet but things are looking up now. Hope to wear it this Sunday to church. I love pink and finally this year they have come out with it!!

  4. Kay, You look so pretty in pink! And the outfit is so nice and versatile. To this day, pink is one of my favorite colors, and when I wear it close to my face, I always receive a lot of compliments. Have a blessed day!

  5. Kay, hi! I’ve been enjoying getting to know you again. Your sweet words and motivating pictures have me abandoning as many dark colors as I can as spring pokes through in the Northeast. And yesterday’s post on eating wisely hit home for sure …