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2 Fall Trends to Try – Hoodie Sweaters + Elevated Basics

September 25, 2023

Fall is coming, I promise. Well, technically it is here. Right? The first official day of autumn was Saturday, September 23rd. And one of these days soon we’ll awaken to crisp cool days on which we feel like it’s truly appropriate to reach for something a little warmer. That might be a good day to put on one of these fun, trending hoodie sweaters…if you have one in your closet ready to go!

Trending Hoodies for Fall
wool and cashmere knit hoodie (more economical option) // jeans old (similar style) // pumps (use code SARAHFLINT_CCLAURAKAY1 for 15% off your first pair of Sarah Flints) (more economical option) // belt // earrings

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Sweater Hoodie
wool and cashmere knit hoodie (more economical option) // jeans old (similar style) // belt // earrings

Actually these hooded sweaters have been trending for several years now. I think this is my third one. I got a lot of compliments on how I looked in this red Tibetan wool and cashmere knit hoodie in Saturday’s bonus YouTube video. (I hope you watched that one. It seems to be a winner!) It is a beautiful color for sure. But you’ll find similar sweater hoodies in other colors and some great neutrals. I collected a nice variety in the shopping widget at the bottom of the post.

But the more important and pervasive trend I want to talk a little about today is “elevated basics.” You may remember me mentioning that in our Fall ’23 Fashion Trend Report video. Yes, elevated basics sounds like something we should always have in our closet. But this year it is very on trend to really pare back your outfits so that they look more, well basic. But don’t leave out that defining adjective: elevated.

Elevated Basics

Elevated basics, the trend, is all about keeping the composition of your outfit simple, but wearing elevated classics that look a little richer and more interesting on their own. Even those distinguishing characteristics should be subtle, however. That’s why something like a soft wool and cashmere knit hoodie in a rich color like this red Tibetan works so nicely in this trending combination. It’s a classic garment with an interesting twist. It looks rich but sporty and casual at the same time.

Hoodie with a Blazer

Dark wash, loose fit, straight leg jeans perpetuate the theme because they look a little classy, but still easy and casual. Mine are old, but these are similar. For this particular outfit I topped the hoodie with a brown herringbone blazer. Again, it looks a little elegant, but also very simple, not noisy or begging for attention at all.

Blazer and Sweater

I bookended the outfit with my brown suede pumps with tortoiseshell block heels. You can use code SARAHFLINT_CCLAURAKAY1 for 15% off your first pair of Sarah Flints. But here’s a very nice more economical option, if you want to duplicate this particular look. However, you could complete this outfit with ballet flats, loafers or even booties.

herringbone blazer // wool and cashmere knit hoodie // hoop earrings

I love pairing a hoodie sweater with a jacket. And a blazer is a really fun completer for it, giving a little juxtaposition. But other fun jackets to wear over hoodie sweaters include denim jackets, puffer or quilted vests and even top coats or trench coats.

Blazer with Jeans and Hoodie Sweater

You’ll also notice I gave the sweater a little front tuck and belted the jeans. Skinnier belts are very on trend this year. And that front tuck helps achieve better proportions, while the belt adds just another element of “elevated basics.”

Blazer with Jeans and Hoodie Sweater

Finally, I kept my jewelry very minimal in this outfit. I think that is key in achieving an elevated basics look. You certainly could still wear more than I did. But I certainly didn’t need a necklace that would compete with the neckline. And on this particular sweater I liked the drape of the long sleeves onto my wrists too much to mess with a bracelet or even a watch.

I’ve collected a few other hoodie sweaters in the shopping widget below, as well as other items from this outfit.

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Thanks so much for dropping in for a little style inspiration. Have a blessed and beautiful Monday!

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13 thoughts on “2 Fall Trends to Try – Hoodie Sweaters + Elevated Basics

  1. I can remember when my daughter was a teenager and hoodie sweatshirts were all the rage. She wore them all the time and still likes them Can’t say that I’ve ever been a fan of anything with a hood. Too casual of a look for me. Looks nice on you though. Won’t be trying this trend. Anxious to see what else is trending. Have a blessed day.

    1. I tend to agree with you; hooded items don’t usually find space in my closet (the exceptions being coats and jackets for cold or rainy days). I do have a couple of hooded sweatshirts, one with the logo of my former school presented to me when I retired, and another zip up one that I keep for “dirty” jobs like gardening or playing in the park with the grandkids. But I totally identify with the elevated basics concept, and the less-is-more approach to accessories.

  2. I love this look but I have larger upper arms which makes finding a blazer challenging in the first place. I always end up wearing sleeveless top under to give some wiggle room. Do you have suggestions for brands with more generous fit in the upper arm without the whole blazer getting bigger. Thanks.

  3. Hi there Kay ,
    Ooh I loved todays post , it was really timely fir me . I will explain , a loved one bought me a very similar hoodie sweater for my birthday in January , and I have to admit although its beautiful I haven’t worn it as I could only think ‘Tracksuit Pants’! , so a huge Thank you for showing us a more elevated way to wear my hoodie sweater . Loved your surprise video on Saturday ‘12 Tips For Ageing Gracefully and Positively’ , this was such good advice and delivered so beautifully too . And may I say you are Blooming ! And like some others commented that ‘Tibetan Red’ is Your colour . I loved the BFMD about ‘Forgiveness’ and Im looking forward to reading your comments and Blessings all this week about ‘Forgiveness’ ❤️

  4. The hoodie is a beautiful color and I’m sure it’s warm and cozy. But I’m having trouble seeing a hoodie as “elevated” anything! Hoodies are by definition very casual and the sort of thing you might wear outdoors or over your gym clothes, etc. It’s not something I would every wear with a blazer, for example. IMO, that looks very odd. The juxtaposition is rather confusing: are you hiking or to a meeting? In addition, most hoodies are rather thick and bulky and I doubt they’d fit under my blazers. Personally, I think blazers look best with a turtleneck, jewel neck tee, or soft, thin sweater. I think I’ll keep my hoodies for outdoorsy, casual activities.

    1. This hoodie is a cashmere sweater, so it’s definitely not one I’d wear over my gym clothes. I think you have to consider that things change, and this is an elevated sweater that happens to have a hoodie. It’s a very current style – that has actually been trending for several years now – but you certainly don’t have to wear it. It is, however, a very viable option. And it’s not a sweatshirt I would go hiking in – a different animal altogether. That said, it’s quite on trend to wear a casual hoodie under a blazer, too. This is a modern take on classic pieces.

  5. I loved the color of the hoodie plus it looks fabulous on you. You have such a good eye for getting things that work well for you! I want to get better at that for myself. I just went shopping this morning and came home with a cream sweater, because it goes with everything. Not as vibrant as your sweater. I so appreciate your help in thinking outside my normal. And it helps me see how it can work. All the pictures help! Thanks!

  6. Love the hoodie as a casual look— that color looks very nice on you! I also like the blazer, but not a fan of combining the blazer and the hoodie together.

  7. I like the hoodie and how you styled it. I’ve seen leather jackets with what look like a hoodie as part of the jacket. I bought a real soft hoodie. I can’t wait to wear it. It’s still summer where I live.