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Snake Print + Pink for Girls’ Night

April 12, 2019

Happy Friday, everyone! This time last week I was looking forward to a fun evening with my young gal friends. We just went to Olive Garden, so don’t get any wild ideas in your head. Hahaha! But it was such a reward at the end of the week to get to share a table with three of my young friends. And before I headed out that night, James snapped these photos. So I thought I’d share the snake print and pink combo I wore for my girls’ night out.

Snake Print + Pink for Girls' Night

I’ve been on the pursuit for the perfect pair of pink jeans for months now, starting last summer. And I think I’ve finally found them. I wanted slender jeans in the palest pink possible. And while I wanted skinny jeans, I didn’t want them to fit so tightly that my legs looked like sausage in a casing. #keepingitreal Bonus points for soft denim, but good fit was another must-have.

Snake Print + Pink for Girls' Night

Well these mid-rise skinny ankle jeans in goddess pink checked all the boxes…then some. I love the mid-rise, which tops out just below my belly button actually. And these jeans are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. The denim is just the right weight for spring and summer and oh so soft. I’m wearing an 8 whereas I usually wear a 6 in jeans, but I didn’t go with the curvy fit (they didn’t have those in the store) that I usually wear in white jeans. I’d say they fit true to size or only slightly small. In fact, I could have worn the 6, but then…well, sausage.

Snake Print + Pink for Girls' Night

The snake print trend is fairly new and, honestly, I was a little hesitant to join in. But when I saw this grey t-shirt with just a bit of foiled snake print down the front panel I felt like it was a safe and fairly risk-free way to participate. Plus, I thought it would be the perfect, trendy topper for the soft pink jeans.

I’m wearing a small in the t-shirt and it’s still plenty roomy, so definitely go with the smaller of the two sizes you usually wear.

Snake Print + Pink for Girls' Night

It was when I realized that I actually already had two pairs of snake print heels in my closet that I decided to opt in on this fad. And these low-heeled pumps from Banana Republic (years ago!) also contributed to my decision to buy the simple snake print tee. Don’t they look great together? If you like these, I’d check out these snake print pumps and these flats.

I think my Michael Kors small rose studded leather camera bag not only goes perfectly with my pink and grey ensemble, but it’s just the right youthful bag for my girls’ night out.

Snake Print + Pink for Girls' Night

When I was selecting my jewelry I wanted something a little edgy but not over the top. So I think my James Avery leather cord and shield of faith pendant works perfectly. It ties into the black in my shoes and jacket, and it fits nicely within the neckline of my tee.

I have no idea where I got my earrings years ago and my bracelet is a Pandora charm bracelet.

Snake Print + Pink for Girls' Night

It gets chilly here in the evenings plus I just like a completer piece, so I topped off my girls’ night outfit with my black blazer. This workhorse gets around! Oh!!! And this blazer been completely restocked y’all. 

I was so glad I had on this trending youthful outfit when I arrived at my girls’ night dinner. Those gals! I recently made the mistake of saying they’re in their 20s. Ha! I forget my own children are in their late 20s. But these gals are indeed about 15 years younger than me. Of course they all looked darling and chic. One wore a pretty orangish red blazer and the other two had on youthful cardis. And all three of them had on floral shirts, jeans and heels. We had sweet conversation…for 4 hours. Here’s to girls’ night!

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Thanks so much for dropping in today. Have you enjoyed a girls’ night out recently? Maybe it’s time to plan one. Whether you’re the young gal or the old woman, like me, why not reach across to another generation and invite a few gals to meet you for dinner or brunch?

Blessed for My Day

Do you have friends who are older and younger than you? I have to say, I really enjoy my time with both older and younger women. There’s so much to be gained either way.

From my older friends I learn wisdom. But from my younger friends I am gain perspective, too. They remind me to be grateful for the journey the Lord has brought me through thus far. They keep me current, too. I like to think that I contribute something to my older and younger friends, but mainly I like to listen when I’m in their presence.

In the same way, older women are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not addicted to much wine. They are to teach what is good, so they may encourage the young women to love their husbands and to love their children, to be self-controlled, pure, homemakers, kind, and submissive to their husbands, so that God’s message will not be slandered. ~ Titus 2:3-5

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9 thoughts on “Snake Print + Pink for Girls’ Night

  1. Enjoy your weekend! Good perspective on spending time with both young & older “gals”! We have a really small country church with a good mixture of young & old & have a Family Fellowship Dinner the 2nd Saturday of each month. It’s a good way to enjoy each other’s company outside the church. And kids, oh, boy, do they ever enjoy the get together! #waytoomuchrunningaroud! Love the soft pink you’ve been styling, looks great on you!

  2. I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I am a recent subscriber and I think you are just the cutest. The outfits you style are very “real” to me….not over the top!!! I also enjoy your daily scripture and words of advice. You seem to be a very grounded and no nonsense kind of gal. I like that. I guess maybe I identify in some ways at least with your style. Enjoy your weekend away!

  3. I have seen pink jeans on many fashion bloggers, and I am thinking of looking for a pair. Have you found any options at a lower price point? I love the ones you have styled, but I need to find some that are less expensive. Thanks for any suggestions. Hope you and James are enjoying your get away.

  4. I hope y’all are enjoying your little get away! I am seriously contemplating adding a pair of light pink pants to my closet, since pink is a very good color for me to wear.

  5. Isn’t the snake print just a fabulous one! And all colors do look good with it! Hope to see you at my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  6. “Hi” back at ya, Kay! I sure was sad I couldn’t be there for the girls’ dinner! Missing you all, too. I LOVE the way you pulled this outfit together with the doubleheader on the snakeskin. Super cute!! So glad that you and James got a chance to get away. Rick sends a howdy to him.

  7. I ran out yesterday to WHBM and bought the pink jeans! You’re absolutely right about them – no ‘sausage in their casing’ look. This is the exact color I was hoping to get for spring and I have so many things to go with it. Best part of all, the entire store was 40% off yesterday. I liked the snake print top you had but I needed something more subtle and no shimmer. I found a very similar top at Anthropologie. Thank you so much Kay for all your fashion advice!

    1. That’s just great and so exciting!! I hope you enjoy them. I I’ve worn mine so much I’ve got to wash them. And I don’t wash jeans often! I’m planning another more casual outfit post with them too. Thanks for sharing! ?