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Update Your Spring Wardrobe with Five Inexpensive On Trend Buys from Target

March 27, 2018

You probably know by now that I lean toward classics when it comes to fashion. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care to keep my wardrobe current. In fact, I enjoy watching the style trends. In fact, sometimes I watch them and watch them…until they pass me by and I realize I missed my opportunity to wear the trend! Do you do that, too?

Update Your Spring Wardrobe

But this year I thought I’d map out a new approach to adopting a trend or two so I could enjoy them…safely…without too much investment…and without getting left behind. I set out to Target on a mission: to find five on trend items I could easily insert into my current wardrobe that would not clash with my classics, but simply liven them up a bit. And I didn’t want to spend much money.

Y’all, I did it! And I’ll admit that at first I thought I’d just bring these items home, share them with you and then probably return most of them. But I quickly decided these five trendy fashion add-ons were completely worth the $68.85 I spent for them. And I’ve kept and worn each of them already.

Violet is Blooming This Spring!

Soft pastels are front and center in fashion this year, but violet is getting the most attention. Maybe you already have this pastel purple in your wardrobe and can simply bring it to the front of your closet. But if you’re like me and find that you have every other color in the rainbow except violet, you can easily add some of this sweet shade without a costly investment.

I purchased this soft, nicely constructed Universal Thread T-shirt in a lovely lavender (they call it purple) for just $8.00. In fact, I’d already purchased the same shirt in gold and deemed it a “good deal.” And, bonus, the T is on sale now for $5.00!

Lavender T from Target

I love this pale lavender T because it works well with any wash of blue jeans as well as my white jeans. And it goes great with my denim jacket. For me, this is the wisest purchase when I’m trying to incorporate a new trending shade into my wardrobe without breaking the bank. But I found other lavender garments at Target as well as lavender handbags and jewelry.

Mules are Still Kicking

Mules are the slide-on shoes that have been in style for over a year now, but I’ve resisted because I just couldn’t imagine how they could stay on my feet. So while I was game, I was leery. That’s why when I found these Whisper Woven Mules, also from Universal Thread, for just $24.99 I felt safe stepping into them.

Look, they’re not the most durable or orthopedic shoes, I’m sure. But they’d be great to wear out to eat with some cropped pants or even a skirt. I’m keeping them. And, by the way, they come in two other colors/patterns as well.

Woven Black Mules from Target

Black Mules from Target

Shapes are Shaping Up and Round Rounds Out the Pack

I know, thess subtitles are getting silly. I can’t help myself.

Anyhow, squares, triangles and circles are really in right now…in jewelry, graphic prints and handbags. But circle purses are shaping up to be the biggest shape trend of all. They’re flying off shelves, y’all. I love this pricier one at Urban Outfitters but I think the round cognac cross-body bag I found at Target is a sweet addition to my handbag lineup that actually leaves me with some cash to put in it. It’s also by Universal Thread and cost $21.99.

Round Crossbody Bag Target

Round Crossbody bag by Universal Thread

The Earrings are Having a Party

That’s the best way I know how to put it. Festive, party favor like earrings are really a hit right now. You’ll see lots of fringe, lots of bright colors, lots of dangles and lots of baubles.

Speaking of baubles, Baublebar is a trendsetting costume jewelry company that is all the rage with many fashion bloggers. In fact, it’s worth it just to browse their website to get a feel for what is fashionable in jewelry. But Target has also recently begun carrying SUGARFIX by Baublebar, and that’s where I found my next trendy purchase.

I wasn’t ready to take the fringe plunge so I found these dangling black and white balls that were on clearance. But here are other SUGARFIX by Baublebar selections you might like.

Baublebar Earrings at Target

Let’s Top It Off with a Hat

Finally, I actually needed a new straw hat and they’re still a fashion trend this year. But once again, I didn’t want to spend much on something I probably won’t wear very often, just occasionally when I’m out in the sun a lot.

Since I had purchased black shoes and my Baublebar black earrings, I thought a straw hat with a black band made sense. Mine is a Panama hat that cost $9.99, and I can’t find it online at Target. But I’ve provided a link to all the other straw hats they carry by the same brand, A New Day.

A New Day Straw Hat at Target

Target straw hat with black band

So for just under $70 I was able to add five very trendy elements to my classic wardrobe, ushering me into spring 2018 with a little more style and pizzazz.

How do you go about observing the fashion trends? Or do you? What do you think about these trends or others you’ve seen? do you have a favorite style trend right now? Or one you just don’t get? I’d love to hear from you.

You can click your way through the product photos below for current pricing and availability. They are simply the items I mentioned in this post and few others of the same brands.

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Trends come and go so fast I have a hard time keeping up. I guess now that I’ve entered the fashion world with this style blog I’ll need to do a little better about that. But I’m thankful that while most things in this world change at a rapid pace, our God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I don’t find that boring. Instead, God’s steadfast character inspires confidence and builds trust. It gives me something firm to hold onto and an anchor for my soul.

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