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Pale Pink Jeans + Denim Shirt for Fall

September 18, 2018

Hi gals! I would say that today’s post features a hit and a miss. Well, I’ll let you be the judge. I’m sharing a pair of pale pink jeans with an oversized denim button up shirt. I’d love to hear what you think.

Pale Pink Jeans with Denim Shirt

A month or so ago I decided I wanted to know what all the hype was about with “high end denim” jeans. So I ordered these AG Farrah high waist ankle skinny jeans. Suffice it to say, the price is way beyond my normal jeans budget. But I have to admit, the jeans feel good on. They’re soft and yielding and well constructed. I don’t know that they’re worth the price, but they are good jeans.

Pale Pink Jeans with Denim Shirt

I like that these jeans have a skinny silhouette, but they don’t feel like they’re squeezing you in. And, while I didn’t take a photo of the waist band, I can assure you that they are indeed high waist jeans. They hit right below my naval. Ultimately, these are very comfortable jeans and if you’re interested, I’d definitely “favorite” them in the shopping widget below, if nothing else, to watch for the elusive sale price.

Pale Pink Jeans with Denim Shirt

I paired the sulfur pale wisteria AG jeans with this denim button up shirt from Universal Threads. The one I’m wearing appears a little longer than the one I see online, so I’m not sure if its the same one or not. But I think it is. Same price, etc. Anyhow, this shirt is a nice, sturdy, but not overly heavy denim. And it comes in several washes. The one I’m linking to looks darker, and I would actually prefer the dark wash. And here is a lighter wash.

Pale Pink Jeans with Denim Shirt

My necklace is a Target find, but I can’t find it online. It may be there, but I’m just not seeing it. At any rate, this one is very similar, as is this one. My earrings are no longer available.

I’m wearing my Sam Edelman leopard print flats, which are almost sold out, but still at 60% off. And I’m carrying my Fossil crossbody bag. This bag has been so serviceable and has remained in style and available for over two years now.

Pale Pink Jeans with Denim Shirt

Well, maybe you can tell that I kind of ran through the description and pieces of this outfit. Here’s why. While I love the individual components, I just didn’t like the way it all came together after I saw the photos. So I wanted to get your feedback.

I think my main issue with the outfit is the jeans. I love, love, love the color of these jeans. But not on my body. The color is too close to the color of my own skin, and I end up looking like I don’t have any pants on at all. Ha! Is that the impression you get, or am I just over scrutinizing?

Pale Pink Jeans with Denim Shirt

I think these jeans would look absolutely gorgeous on someone with pretty brown or black skin. And like I said, while they are a little pricey for my budget, they truly are fantastic jeans. But alas, I sent them back because I just didn’t like the shade on me. And of course, Nordstrom’s amazing return policy made that easy-peasy.

Maybe if I had ordered the jeans in one of the other pretty shades – like the rich carmine (a burgundy) or the wet pasture (a soft brown) – I would have liked them better. Those shades are worth checking out if you’re interested.

Also, I think maybe a more monotone approach would have been better with these jeans. Or at least I could have worn just a soft beige sweater and shoes. What do you think?

Here’s the shopping widget for today’s post. (The actual shirt I’m wearing is not in the widget; that’s the plus size version. For the link to my shirt, see the text above.) The widget and the article include affiliate links, through which I do make a commission. Thank you for shopping through my post and supporting what I do here.

Well, I hope you’ll give me some feedback on this outfit. Since I’ve already said it’s a hit and a miss, you won’t hurt my feelings. Something’s just off, and I would love to hear what you think it might be.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Blessed for My Day

Today may you be amazed at God’s grace. We all make mistakes – mistakes much bigger than outfit fails. I know that one of the areas in which I have absolutely swam in the deep end of God’s grace is in the area of parenting. I’ve told many people that I can’t possibly take any credit for the good that my kids have accomplished or their moral successes because I’m not going to take the blame for their failures or missteps either. The only reason I can say that is because I know that daily I did the best I could as a mama, but I trusted in the grace of God to fill in all the cracks. I made lots of mistakes. I can vividly remember times when I lost my temper, gave poor advice, permitted too much sass, didn’t listen, lost my patience, ignored my children or gave in too easily. But in the end, God is gracious. Today let’s stand in awe of His amazing grace. 

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. ~ John 1:16


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xoxo, Kay
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28 thoughts on “Pale Pink Jeans + Denim Shirt for Fall

  1. Agree 100% with you. Jean s are just not the colour for you, but your blue shirt looks A1. Thank you for your Blessed for your Day segment. I receive it in the evening of my day. Each day is a day filled with God’s grace.

  2. Totally agree with you Kay, on your assessment of the jeans. Too pale and totally out of my price range. I am in the market for a denim shirt and like the one you’re wearing so will definitely check it out. It looks a little large on you, so I’m curious what size you’re wearing. I’m only 5’2” and normally wear a small but I’m thinking that shirt might swallow me up. Love you and your blog! ❤️ Have a blessed day!

    1. I’m wearing a medium because I have broad shoulders and the small was too tight across the shoulders. But it definitely is a long shirt.

  3. Hi Kay, I personally think a burgundy shade or even olive would look much better. I have always been on a tight budget with three kids. I have two grown sons now and my daughter is a senior in high school preparing for college so that tells you there about my budget. I have some awesome jeans that I purchased from Dress Barn. Dress Barn has petite that fit me well. I have also purchased the Truth and Theory brand jeans at SteinMart at 19.99. Both are worth checking out. Amen!!!! to BFMD…..very well said. Thank you for your encouragement and always acknowledging God. ~Lisa~

    1. Hi Lisa. Good to know about Dress Barn. We don’t have one around here though. Really I’ve pretty much decided that only Talbots jeans really fit me. It’s something about my proportions – I haven’t quite figured it out yet – but they’re the only ones I can feel really comfortable in. Fortunately they get marked down often enough. ?

  4. No way I would pay that price for jeans. But I love the pink. Sams warehouse had some shinny jeans $17 dollars and I love them

  5. I have to agree with you on the shade of the jeans being too close to the color of your skin – I think the burgundy or brown would have been a nice choice. I have a similar problem with a pair of colored jeans I ordered this summer in a light khaki. I think they match the color of my skin too closely, but I live overseas and it just would have been too much trouble to return them to the USA, so I’ve been wearing them anyway. Oh well.

  6. I agree with you Kay! The monotone ensemble would be much better. Like you, I like the pink “in theory” but the colour “reads” naked on me also!
    The most I have ever paid for denim is $150 for NYDJ. (This is not my norm) They do look and feel like a million bucks but now I only purchase them when they are on sale and only as a treat.
    Just did a try on of the Old Navy Rockstar collection and I love the fit and feel! Give them a try. Old Navy always has great sales but even at regular prices these jeans are a steal!
    I am in the market for a new denim shirt. Definitely looking for something mid weight. Will check this option out!

  7. I think what bothers me about the outfit is the shoes. So if you went with a brown, burgandy or olive pairof Jeans it might all come together. I have wanted some AG jeans for awhile, but even on sale they’re expensive. I’m watching Nordstrom Rack for a good markdown. Thanks for your posts, they’re always very informative, honest and beautifully done!

    1. Yes, Meredith, I think the shoes may not have been the best choice either. It’s just one of those examples of how fashion formulas don’t always add up for a win! ?

  8. I do love the pink jeans and am considering getting them for fall. I have navy tops and gray tops that would look good with them.

    I do think the blue top paired with pink bottoms is a ‘miss’. For anyone who loves the look of a big denim shirt, perhaps the black leggings would be better.

    I adore the shoes!

    1. They really are comfortable and pretty jeans. I hate that I didn’t do them justice here ?. But I bet they would look beautiful with grey, especially.

  9. I tend to like darker colors for jeans (except for white.) I don’t think this color suits you. The fit looks great, but I would think a darker color. I would never pay that much for jeans, but I have found Loft and Ann Taylor jeans (on sale even better) work for me. And if one wears light color jeans, I would try a lighter color on top, cream/beige?

  10. As I was reading through your descriptions & looking at the photos, I was thinking the exact same thing about the jeans/skin tone, but I thought “maybe they don’t look that way in real life.” Then when you mentioned it yourself, I felt better about commenting. I also don’t care for the way they bag around your knees. You always look so good! I like the shirt and agree it would look better paired with other jeans or slim pants, maybe black or other darker color. Keep up the good work – your instincts are right on the money! And thanks for putting yourself out there even with a possible miss. It is a helpful process for all.

    1. Hi Jan, yes the wrinkling around the knees bothered me, too! Ha! And I think it’s more noticeable because they are such a pale color. Thanks for chiming in! ?

  11. I thought the same thing when I first looked at the picture. I just picked up a pair of NYDJ jeans in this shade at a thrift store that looks brand new. The fit is perfect but I’ll have to really pay attention to how they look on me by taking a picture. The price was right at $10.00.

  12. I have tried on several pair of pale pink jeans this summer. Like you, I think that my skin tone is too pale to be flattering. Jeeze, the pink seems to highlight any flab or cellulite!!!
    I guess I will just admire pink jeans on others and feel great in my Talbots jeans. I love your chambray shirt with the leopard shoes.

  13. Totally agree with the color almost looking like “skin”! Last week, I saw a lady, very well dressed and put together BUT, I had to do a double-take to see if she was wearing PANTS! Totally thought she was bottom-less for a second! 🙂

  14. I agree that the pink was not enough color. I can’t wear that pale pink as I’m pale too. I think a darker color like cognac would work better. Also, not liking the pale pink with the leopard. We all have misses, Kay. You have been on the mark with so many of your other outfits. Love your blog!

  15. Appreciate your tips—whether good or bad combos (& your honesty)—for gals like me who are pear shaped with big hips, buttocks & thighs I cannot wear legging-type jeans. Any suggestions for women like me? Also am going to be attending a 45th high school reunion @ a country club with dress code “casual”…any suggestions for this event?

    1. Hi Anita! No, skinny jeans are not for everyone, and I’m not even sure they’re for me. Ha! But there is definitely a jean out there that every woman can wear. Have you tried Talbots curvy fit jeans? I’m not sure which cut you would prefer, but they have several. And I especially like that the high rise fit is back in style. The following are all in the curvy fit:
      High Rise Barely Boot Jeans –
      High Rise Straight leg jeans – – I think these might be a good option to start with because they elongate the leg, but they shouldn’t be too tight.
      Slim Ankle Jean in the curvy fit – – The “slim” in the title may scare you off, but really you never know until you try them on.
      High Rise Straight Leg Jeans in the merlot (burgundy) – – in case you’d like to try a pretty color

      For your class reunion (how fun!) I’d suggest maybe some nice slacks with either a pretty blouse or dressy sweater, which ever you feel more comfortable and beautiful in. If you think jeans might be acceptable, I’d try these polished denim ankle pants in the curvy fit –
      Or you could try any of Talbots pants in the curvy fit, too. These wide leg seasonless crepe pants are marked down a little:

      I know Talbots are not the cheapest clothes, but they tend to be constructed for the woman’s body, and not the twiggy teen girls, so there’s that.
      And of course, Chico’s also has some pretty selections that have a lot of stretch and give in them. You could put together something really fun either way. Keep it simple. A well-fit pair of pants that create a long leg, a simple but pretty silky blouse or dressy sweater, a pretty necklace and some pretty shoes.

      I hope that helps, and I hope you have a great time at your reunion!

    2. Hi Anita, again!

      I just had another thought. Tomorrow I’m posting a try-on session from Soft Surroundings. I have bought kimonos there before (which would look beautiful for your reunion, by the way!) but I’d never tried on any pants there. I was amazed!!! Their pants felt really nice and well-made, but they have lots of give in them. You could wear one of their tunics (like I’m going to feature tomorrow) and/or a kimono. You really might want to give them a try. So check out my Thursday post. 😉