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Draped Cardigan on a Sunny Day

March 6, 2018

Greetings, friends! Today was such a typical Arizona day – full of sunshine…and strong winds! Despite the stiff breezes, my husband and I enjoyed some couple time outside today. And I was wearing this vibrant colored draped cardigan.

I’m looking forward to the summer when the bright orange and fuchsia Bird of Paradise blossoms. Until then, I’m sporting those colors in this draped cardigan from J.Jill. This particular sweater sold out recently, but this draped cardigan from J.Jill is equally charming.

The easy drape of this jacquard knit produces a slenderizing silhouette when paired with straight, slim fit jeans. And I love the contrast of denim, true white and the vibrant orange and pink. My jeans are straight leg from Talbot’s. They don’t seem to carry these in the same rise anymore, but these high-rise jeans would probably be similar. In fact, I’m really looking forward to trying the new higher waistline.

I rarely pair blue or black tops with denim. That’s just a personal thing! But I love pink or orange with blue denim, and when I found a sweater that combined these two favorites I just had to add it to my wardrobe.

I wear cardigans or jackets with my outfits as much as possible. In the summer it sometimes feels too hot to add this layer, but I wear them as long as I can. I think a sweater, jacket or kimono makes an ensemble look more complete and thought through. It gives a soft nod to authority and competence, too. That’s important to me, especially when I’m teaching, speaking to a group or even mentoring a woman one-on-one.

Any close-fitting white top would look great under this casual draped cardigan. I’m wearing the scoop-neck tank from Talbot’s. It’s a combination of cotton, soft modal and a little spandex. I’m not sure how it will wear in the warmer months, but for now it’s great. I also have a short sleeved white T from Talbot’s that I can incorporate into this outfit.

On cooler days I’ve paired a loose-fitting denim colored Tencil® tunic with this orange and pink cardigan. It’s fun to roll the shirt’s sleeves up over the cardigan sleeves for a sporty down-to-business look. Honestly, this cardigan is very versatile and I think I’ll be able to wear it through the summer and into the fall, especially when I travel into cooler climates.

I paired my hot pink suede and leather flats with the ensemble to pull the look together. They’re probably six or seven years old, but I absolutely love them. Don’t talk yourself out of purchasing shoes in fun colors, especially flats. I’ve worn these fuchsia shoes more times than I ever would have imagined. Do you have some fun shoes in a surprising color? I’d love to hear about how you wear them.

My handbag was a Christmas gift to myself. It’s a Fossil satchel, and while it’s been discontinued, there are several similar ones in their line-up right now. I love big bags!

Let’s talk accessories. I don’t always wear this much around my neck, but I just couldn’t resist all the pink accents. I tend to wear mostly silver. Both of my necklaces are from J.Jill, and while they no longer carry these, I’ve noticed that the cascading style is one they continue to offer in various forms. I often look at the accessories at J.Jill when I buy clothing there because they have very nice pieces. And when they run their 40% off everything sales you can get great deals.

My earrings are from Brighton and my cuff bracelet is James Avery.

Do you like to wear cardigans? A draped cardigan is one of my favorites because you don’t have to fool with buttons and it hangs so nicely. How do you pull your outfits together?

Blessed for My Day

My vibrant colored cardigan makes me think of Joseph’s multicolored coat that his dad gave him and which eventually landed him in bondage in Egypt. Joseph’s life looks like a rough ride, but in the end we learn that God had been working all things together for his good all along. Today I’m trusting that God is doing the same for me.

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.” ~ Genesis 50:20

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xoxo, Kay
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10 thoughts on “Draped Cardigan on a Sunny Day

  1. Love the new blog. I love dressing in bold colors too. The scriptures are always thoughtful and special.
    Thanks for both your blogs.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in Ann. You are such a style inspiration to me – class all the way!! I appreciate your encouragement. ?

  2. Hello Kay, I want to say how happy I am to have found your blog!! It’s so hard to find women closer to my age on line with blogs and Instagram. I love that you have started dress for my day and I am looking forward to some fashion tips. Once again it seems even all the fashion blogs have been geared toward 30 and younger. Bless your heart for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing this blog!! You have a beautiful day!!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Mandy. I’m so glad I found YOU! I look forward to seeing you around here. Bless you for stopping by and leaving such a gracious comment! ?

  3. This blog is going to be a blessing for those of us under 40, too. Just consider it sharing your wisdom, so we don’t have to learn the hard way! May I ask if the earrings above are heavy? I love the size and the look, but my ears prefer leightweight pieces!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah. No, the earrings are not heavy at all. I don’t like heavy ones either.

  4. I’m excited about your blog. I follow Jo-Lynne. I read the ebook, such great advice. My take on aging, is different because I lost my best friend to cancer when I was 39. She was even younger! I often think of the privileges I have had that she missed. I do not complain about my age. I’m thankful for every day.