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Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses

June 13, 2024

I’ve often admired the colorful, silky Jude Connally dresses when shopping in stores like Dillard’s or one of the 300+ boutiques that carry them. But I don’t think I’ve ever really tried one on until recently. Yes, even I have to push myself to try new things. I’m sure many of my readers already wear and love Jude Connally, but today I’m sharing the three dresses I recently ordered. And I have to tell you, I’m in love!

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of June 18, 2024, you can now get 15% off at Jude Connally if you use my links and code KAY15. This savings is only available at and cannot be used at other retailers that sell Jude Connally merchandise.

Founder Jude Connally Zimmerman started the brand in 2010 when she was looking for clothes that were comfortable and easy to care for yet stylish, polished and affordable. At the time she was a busy young mother and already working in the fashion industry. Because comfort and ease of wear, along with an exceptionally tailored look, was important to the young professional, she began with the fabric.

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses
Susanna Dress in Trellis Trio Aqua // sandals // crossbody bag // earrings // necklace // bracelet

Jude Connally focuses on using easy-care, easy-wear fabrics that always look amazing no matter what time of the day. They’re perhaps best known for their Jude Cloth, a silky smooth stretch knit that doesn’t wrinkle, stays tucked in and feels beautiful on the skin. And it’s perfect for travel.

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses

The fabric is machine washable and takes beautifully to dyes without any fading. Because it is lightweight, Jude Cloth works beautifully in the summer months, but it also layers nicely in the cooler months.

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses
earrings // necklace // bracelet

All three of the dresses I’m showing are created in Jude Cloth, and I absolutely love it. The drape is flattering and the hand is rich, but light and silky soft. The Jude Cloth also has four-way stretch, so it fits beautifully and moves with you so comfortably. Bonus, Jude Cloth has an UPF rating of Excellent 50+.

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses
Susanna Dress in Trellis Trio Aqua // sandals // crossbody bag // earrings // necklace // bracelet

But Jude Connally does carry dresses, shorts, pants, skorts and more in other fabrics, too. They even have a lightweight Jude Cloth, perfect for travel and work. You’ll also find pieces in cotton voile, Jude Ponte and Jude Denim.

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses
Tess Midi Dress in Twirling Peacock Spring Pink // necklace // earrings // beaded bracelet // stone bracelet // sandals no longer in this fabric (use code KAY20 for 20% off at Easy Spirit only) // similar handbag

As you may have already sorted from the dresses I’m showing, Jude Connally is also known for their use of color and patterns. In fact, early on in the formation of the brand, when Jude was running a marathon, she had a lightbulb moment and desired to create activewear in more vibrant colors and patterns. Thus, you’ll notice they have a collection full of “playwear” perfect for tennis, pickle ball or golf.

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses

Today’s blog post is not sponsored, by the way. I always tell you up front about sponsored blog posts, of course. I purchased all three of these beautiful summer dresses myself with the intent of sharing them with you and then probably returning a couple of them. But as soon as I tried each dress on I knew I wouldn’t part with any of them. I’m a Jude Connally convert for sure.

Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses
necklace // earrings // beaded bracelet // stone bracelet

But let’s be honest, these dresses are not inexpensive. I do think, however, that you are paying for top notch quality and stellar customer service here, as well as all the benefits listed above. I received these dresses within three days of ordering them, and they were beautifully packaged. And shipping in mainland U.S. is always free. They also offer help with sizing, and they have a 14-day return policy.

Jude Connally Dresses
Tess Midi Dress in Twirling Peacock Spring Pink // necklace // earrings // beaded bracelet // stone bracelet // sandals no longer in this fabric (use code KAY20 for 20% off at Easy Spirit only) // similar handbag

But I think the reason I finally decided to try Jude Connally after admiring them for several years but not especially liking the price tag, was I began to notice that, like dresses by other easily identifiable brands like Lily Pulitzer and J. McLaughlin for example, Jude Connally clothes hold their value. They look unique for sure, but not dated. So three years from now, these dresses will be easily identified as Jude Connally, but they’ll still look neat and beautiful.

Jude Connally Dresses
Libby Dress in Kaleidoscope Floral Iris // similar silver sandals // necklace // smaller bracelet // larger bracelet // earrings

I’m wearing a size Medium in all three of my dresses. So I’d say at least the dresses run true to size. You may have noticed, too, that many of Jude Connally’s dresses are quite short. I think the mini-length dresses are so pretty, but they’re just not for me. I haven’t felt comfortable in really short dresses since my early 40s. But many women of all ages look gorgeous showing off their pretty legs in shorter dresses.

Jude Connally Dresses

That said, Jude Connally does have a large number of options in longer lengths, from just above the knee to maxi length. And many of the dresses are available in a shorter and longer length, as designated on the website. And you’ll notice they carry pants, skorts and tops, too.

Jude Connally Dresses
necklace // smaller bracelet // larger bracelet // earrings

I’ve accessorized my three Jude Connally dresses with sandals and jewelry from various other brands. You can shop the looks through the captions below some of the photos. I tried to style each dress a little differently so that you could see the possibilities.

Jude Connally Dresses
Libby Dress in Kaleidoscope Floral Iris // similar silver sandals // necklace // smaller bracelet // larger bracelet // earrings

If you have a moment I suggest you check out the Jude Connally website, too. It’s very easy to navigate and full of so many options perfect for vacation and summer living. If you already wear Jude Connally, I hope you’ll leave us a comment and share your experience. Thanks so much for stopping in today.

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13 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight: Jude Connally Dresses

  1. I absolutely LOVE your new hair style. Very fresh and youthful! The featured dresses are bright and cheerful.

  2. I think your hair looks so pretty! It is nice to have a change every once in a while, although I think the previous haircut was great, too!

  3. Kay the ‘Libby’ dress looks stunning on you! Beautiful and vibrant color scheme compliments your coloring and I think your shorter hairstyle is so complimentary to your face shape.

  4. You look so pretty in all the dresses. I especially like the blue and green one on you. I am also interested in the fabric. The dresses are still pricey to me so I signed up to be notified of sales. I really like you new shorter hair cut. Thank you

  5. Love, love these dresses! Went to their website, so many choices. They are pricey, but I would pay this for a special occasion dress! I love your haircut, Kay♥️

  6. I love these dresses and live in them during the summer in SC. They also wash well and last. I watch for patterns to go on sale when seasons change and get good deals. The Beth in knee length is my summer go to and I got the Libby to wear to a wedding last fall. I pair Julie Vos bracelets with Jude dresses.

  7. Love the fabric and such rich colors. And that pink dress, so cute! But with that price I’ll just look at photos😉


  8. Agree with your devotional message. The blue or aqua dress is really nice. I like your hair too. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  9. Yes, these are bright, pretty dresses. Might be perfect for a Caribbean cruise but a little too flowery for me and also very expensive. I think most of them are a bit overpowering for someone not as tall as you. I’d feel like the dress was wearing me!

  10. I do not wear large print blouses or dresses like those from Jude Connally. Large prints make you look heavier. I go for smaller ones.