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Gift Guide for Young Couples + Families – Christmas 2018

All the Fun & Fantastic Couples Gifts for the Young Couples/Families in Your Life

Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young couples & families

The Dressed for My Day Christmas Gift Guide for Young Couples and Families…Recommended by My Young Adults

Here I’m sharing with you my suggestions for “couple gifts” for the young couples and families in your life. Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting that all of these gifts are appropriate for every young couple or family. But there are plenty to choose from – 30 so far – and you’re likely to find a great gift for that young couple in your life among them.

Happy Shopping!

Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young couples & families 1-10

  1. For the couple who likes to play table games with each other and friends or family, my young couple loves Codenames. Check current prices at Target or on Amazon.
  2. My son and future daughter-in-law enjoyed putting together this Lego Creator Volkswagon Beetle Construction Set.
  3. Yes, this is the priciest gift on my list, but, hey, I don’t know your budget. And if you’re up to it, your young couple would undoubtedly love this Paddle Board kit. Shoot, I would love this paddle board kit!!
  4. Because they enjoyed the previous Lego set (#2) so much, they’re now planning to put together this Lego Ship in a Bottle Kit.
  5. I’ve played Codenames and enjoyed it, but I don’t know anything about this game. But my son, who is a major board game player, wouldn’t have recommended it if he and Stephanie didn’t enjoy it. So your young couples might enjoy Sushi Go Party! too.
  6. Yard games like Bocce Ball are making a comeback. This Bocce Ball Set comes with everything you need to learn and play the game, plus a carrying case.
  7. Speaking of yard games, evidently this Spike Ball game set is all the rage. Wouldn’t you love to surprise your young couples with a gift that tells them you’re up on everything current?! Ha!
  8. Another fairly pricey gift here. But this tandem kayak would delight a young couple who love to get outdoors. In fact, one of these days James and I are getting one of these for ourselves!
  9. This portable Cornhole Toss Game Set is perfect for the beach or a tailgate party.
  10. Your young couple can create their own reel viewers from their own photos with this kit.Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young couples & families 11-20
  11. If you have some coffee lovers to buy for, they’d probably love this Nespresso machine. Act now. It’s almost 50% off through November 24th. Hey, you might want one, too!
  12. Have you hopped on the Instant Pot wagon yet? I haven’t, but I’m wanting to. Your young couple might like making speedy dinners with their own Instant Pot. This one’s 20% off through the 24th.
  13. When James and I were a young couple, we received this very tote bag and pancake breakfast set from L.L. Bean. It was a gift from my brother and his wife, and we loved it! Now that’s a great gift if you can remember receiving it that long ago!
  14. My son, who likes to make pour overs and French press coffees, loves this Cuisinart Electric programmable kettle. The young adults in your life might, too.
  15. My son’s fiance and he have been perfecting the making of French Macarons. If you have bakers in your life, they would probably love this Macaron Kit.
  16. This Kato Insulated Wine Carrier Tote carries two bottles of wine or champagne. Perfect for the wine lovers you know.
  17. If you have a math enthusiast in your life like I do, he or she might perk up when they receive these Geek Glassware.
  18. My son has also enjoyed his Sous Vide Precision Cooker. This one’s a great deal right now.
  19. Now this is a nice cheese board. You can find cheaper here, but I think this pewter and wood one would make a lovely gift for the couple who likes to entertain.
  20. And for the couple who likes to get out in nature, travel or attend outdoor concerts and plays, this gourmet picnic basket would make a sweet and memorable gift. Bonus, it’s almost 50% off with code SCORE through November 23rd.Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young couples & families 21-30
  21. If you’re young couple is just beginning to accumulate Christmas ornaments and decorations, they may enjoy this advent calendar by L.L. Bean.
  22. These print velvet flannel sheets would be a treat for any couple.
  23. For the couple who attends a lot of concerts, plays or even movies, you might want to help them store those memories with this Ticket Stub Diary.
  24. Of course you could always get the couple or young family some matching pajamas for the Christmas season and beyond. I like this for the gal and these for the guy.
  25. You could also surprise the couple with a pretty fresh wreath for their front door.
  26. My son loves his French press (as does my husband) and they insist on the ones by Bodum. This one is both beautiful and efficient, and it’s 20% off with code HOLIDAY20.
  27. Yes, an iRobot Roomba is a little indulgent, but this one is 20% off through the holidays and you can get an extra 10% off right now with code SCORE. This would make a gracious gift for the busy young couple.
  28. Really, this is just for fun. But who wouldn’t enjoy having this Sunnydaze Barco Tabletop Fireplace lit on their coffee table in the evening?
  29. Just starting out in life? They might need some pretty needlepoint stockings for their Christmas celebrations.
  30. Finally, for the germaphobe or the conscientious couple that simply want to keep their phones clean, this Phone Soap Smartphone Sanitizer is a pretty nifty gift.

***Watch for this list to grow!*** And remember, you can find this list and others at Gift Guide Central.

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