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Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young Women

Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young Women

I’m so glad you found your way here to shop for the young women in your life this Christmas. I have 30+ gifts your grown daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter or young friend are sure to enjoy. These are gifts loved and requested by my own 25-year-old daughter or gifts she has received with pleasure in the past.

Let’s get shopping!

Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young Women 1-15

  1. My daughter Abigail has this Campbell Crossbody bag by Fossil, and it’s one of her favorites.
  2. Abby and I both have one of these Vera Bradley Iconic Curling & Flat Iron Covers. There are so many pretty prints to choose from.
  3. This colorful little Mini Hip Pack is certainly great for a quick hike, but some young women would just prefer to have their hands free all the time.
  4. This water bottle with cover and cell phone pocket is great for going out for a run, but it’s also just handy for the gal on the go.
  5. Abby requested this Jacqueline Leather Watch from Fossil this year.
  6. All the women in our family have James Avery charm bracelets, and my son just recently started one for his fiancee. It’s the gift that keeps providing more opportunities for giving! Be sure to start her off with a few charms, too.
  7. Last year I gave my daughter a Beauty Blender, and I bet she’ll be wanting a new one in her stocking this year.
  8. Young women tend to like dainty jewelry with unusual stones like this Palais Bleu Clair from James Avery.
  9. Speaking of jewelry, my daughter loves to wear thin silver rings. She has quite a collection, usually buying herself one each time she surmounts a hurdle or experiences a little victory in life. But we’ve also given her a couple. I know she would love this Mermaid Kisses Ring.
  10. For the travelling gal, this Vera Bradley three-in-one Cosmetic Set would make a nice gift. It’s available in several patterns.
  11. Maybe she’ll keep up with her umbrella if you give her this pretty floral one from Loft.
  12. If she goes to a lot of stadium or arena events, she’d probably enjoy this small clear stadium approved crossbody.
  13. Live in a rainy climate? She’s going to appreciate these UGG Shaye Rain Boots. I was surprised to find that they are actually cheaper than their competition.
  14. Aren’t these fingerless handwarmers darling?
  15. Yep, this Lovliest Landscape Sweater is a tad pricey, but it might be worth the splurge to see her delight when she opens it.Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young Women 16-32
  16. I recently received this Love, Welcome, Serve Cookbook by Amy Hannon as an early Christmas present from a dear friend. But I’ve decided after reading through it that this will also make an excellent gift for young women. Amy not only provides tasty recipes, but she inspires her readers to cook with love for the people in their lives. She encourages women to cook for their families, but then to serve others through food also.
  17. Speaking of cooking, if you have a gal who really loves to bake, it might be time to get her this KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I LOVE mine.
  18. But if you don’t want to invest that much, she probably also needs a KitchenAid Hand Mixer just as badly. It comes in a spectrum of colors.
  19. Another great gift for your young baker would be these silicone mats especially made for Macaron baking.
  20. Now this is nifty. Vera Bradley has created a bag that you can easily pack in your suitcase so that when you’re packing for your return trip and you’ve purchased souvenirs or “stuff” you can put it all in this handy bag for the trip. Love this Packable Weekender Travel Bag.
  21. And speaking of travelling, she might love one of these pretty luggage tags.
  22. Another traveler’s goody, this Iconic Hanging Travel Organizer can hold her toiletries or jewelry…or both!
  23. Sweater dresses are quite the rage right now, and your young gal will love this one from Title Nine. Of course, you might want one, too!
  24. Oops! I have this Mermaid Kisses Ring on here again. Ha! I guess I really like it!
  25. This Vera Bradley Every Little Thing Case is perfect for, well, every little thing…medications, jewelry, hair clips, etc.
  26. Your gal will stay warm and beautiful with this Annelise Beanie.
  27. Did you know you can get all your gift cards for many retailers and restaurants at Amazon? My daughter especially love Cheesecake Factory, so she usually gets one of these in her stocking.
  28. Who doesn’t love a pretty, soft, warm sweater like this Mixed Stripe Sweater from Loft?
  29. And while you’re browsing the Loft website, check out these Vine Pajama Pants.
  30. And those pajama pants will look and sleep great with this Sleepy Pajama Tee.
  31. Here’s that other ring! I think my daughter actually owns this Delicate Blossom Ring. Or she wants to own it? Anyhow, she’d love to own it! I bet your gal would, too.
  32. Finally, your young woman will love putting on this Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan…and she won’t want to take it off!

Well, there ya go! I hope you found some great ideas for you young woman or women. Don’t forget to also check out my Gift Guide for Women, my Gift Guide for Young Couples and Families and my Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Woman. You’ll find a few duplicates on those list, but mostly a lot more great ideas for the women in your life.

I’ve used affiliate links in this gift guide, so when you shop through them and buy something, I potentially earn a commission. I appreciate you supporting what I do here at Dressed for My Day by starting your shopping here. And don’t forget to share this and the other gift guides with your friends through Facebook and Pinterest.

Blessings, and Merry Christmas!