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Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young Men

Christmas Gift Guide Young Men Cover

Welcome to Dressed for My Day’s Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Your Young Men. Here you’ll find a wide variety of gifts that the younger men in your life will be happy to receive this Christmas. In fact, if you give your young guy some of these gifts he’ll have lots of questions for you: How’d you know? Who told you about this? Do you even know what this is!?!

I’ve pulled most of these gift suggestions from my 28-year-old son. But I came up with a few of them on my own after studying his buying patterns. Ha! For more ideas, you can also check out my Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Young Couples & Families and my Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Your Main Man. There is some overlap in these guides, but plenty of new suggestions in each, too.

Let’s get started shopping!

Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Your Young Men 1-16

  1. These wireless earbuds even have a built-in microphone.
  2. This portable charger comes with the cable and travel pouch.
  3. Everyone has an old phone charging cable plugged in somewhere. These are the best of the best, with a braided cord and extremely durable, even in harsh conditions like sunny car dashboards. This one is for iPhones and this one is for androids such as Samsun, Nexus, LG, Motorola and more.
  4. For the guy who likes to cook or grill, this digital meat thermometer will help him get the meat just right.
  5. I asked my son which brand he prefers for pajama pants (because he owns lots!) and he said he likes several, but he definitely loves his Ralph Lauren pairs. These are woven cotton, but Daniel also likes his flannel ones.
  6. Daniel admits these Bose noise cancelling headphones are a little pricey, but says they are the best choice for someone who travels a lot…like he does. A nice splurge gift for the son who’s gone the extra mile this year.
  7. This Cuisinart stainless steel cordless electric kettle will heat the water just so for his hot cocoa or his French press coffee.
  8. Now this one’s a winner for sure…and I found it all by myself! You can get your guy some Happy Socks and an Amazon gift card for any denomination from $100 up. And he’ll be so “happy” you did!
  9. If your young man has an older car, but still wants hand-free capabilities with his phone, you could get him this Bluetooth clip on car speaker which adapts to his phone or GPS system.
  10. My son loves his L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins.
  11. Ha! I just realized I put a number 11 beside the Christmas ball in my graphic! Oh boy! If my son looks over this list, he’s going to roll his eyes at that!
  12. Daniel and his fiancee enjoy playing this Codenames game. Come to think of it, so do his dad and I! It’s a good party game.
  13. This D. R. Harris shave kit is a bit of a luxury item for the guy who takes his grooming seriously.
  14. REI has reduced the price of these Hydro Flask Tumblers for Cyber Week. I hope they’re still on sale! They’re another pick from my son.
  15. Every young man needs a good set of tools. We gave Daniel a nice set a number of years ago, but if your young man doesn’t have any yet, this Stanley 65-piece Homeowner’s DIY kit is a good one at a good price.
  16. But if your guy already has tools, he might like having this soft-sided tool bag to carry them when he works on a Habitat for Humanity or mission trip project.Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Your Young Men 17-27
  17. Daniel gave me and his dad Bomba socks last Christmas, and we’ve loved them. Ours are athletic socks, but Daniel has some similar to these that he really likes.
  18. My son and his friends also enjoy this best-selling pick and pass card game, Sushi Go Party!
  19. For the guy who still likes to build things, but thought he’d outgrown all of his toys! He’ll love this LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle set.
  20. I understand this Spike Ball game is all the rage. If your guy likes getting together with friends for some outdoor fun, he might like this game set.
  21. My young man is something of a coffee purist, so he loves his French press. For him, nothing will do but a Bodum.
  22. And once the coffee is made, this Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug will keep it hot up to 6 hours.
  23. Another great house shoe by L.L. Bean, this Wicked Good Slipper also comes in a dark chocolate brown.
  24. Your grilling guy will not want to wait until spring to use this heavy duty stainless steel grill set with case.
  25. If your young man travels much, he’ll appreciate this Delsey carryon suitcase. This hard case spinner suitcase in titanium is smooth on the go and easy to pack. And right now, it’s 25% off.
  26. The guy who takes his work home with him occasionally will appreciate this leather messenger bag from Fossil.
  27. For the guy who likes to tinker around under the hood, you can get him equipped for that with this Cartman 122-piece auto tool accessory set.

You can also find most of the items listed above in the shopping widget below. Of course, I’ve used affiliate links in this gift guide. So if you shop through them and buy anything, I will potentially earn a commission. Thank you for shopping through my links. I really appreciate your support.

Let me know if any of the links don’t work or if you have questions. I’ll help as much as I can. Or I’ll call Daniel!!

And don’t forget to check out all the other gift guides here. And especially, if you’re still hunting for the perfect gift for your young man, check out the Gift Guide for Your Main Man and the Gift Guide for Young Couples and Families.