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Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Woman


I found so many great gift ideas at Title Nine, especially for the woman who runs, hikes, camps, cycles, backpacks or skis. If you have an outdoor enthusiast on your list, you’ll find some really nice options here.

Christmas Gift Ideas from Title Nine

  1. Listed as Rhonda’s Dress, this colorful sweater dress is a good example of what I mean when I say Title Nine lets a woman be a woman…even while she’s out conquering the world.
  2. The Indestructible Duffel doubles as a backpack, making it the perfect travel bag for the woman on a mission.
  3. The Lightning Reflective Training Jacket is low-key during the day, but at night when headlights hit it, this jacket totally lights up. Perfect for the night runner.
  4. Also, to keep the nighttime athlete safe, this Magnet Run Light clips onto your apparel or equipment to keep you safe in the glare of headlights. You might want two or three of these.
  5. While we’re on lights, check out this Forehead Flood Headlamp for your gal who likes to camp or back pack. Trust me, she knows what to do with it.
  6. She’ll also love this three-pack of inflatable solar lanterns to brighten her camp. But they’re light enough to pack in without adding weight to her pack.
  7. Yeah, this really is the creme de la creme of sports watches. But if you’re wanting to splurge on the athlete in your life, do it with this Endorphin Slayer by Garmin.
  8. If she’s prepping for a snow skiing trip, this Bank Baselayer Long Sleeve top will keep her warm without making her sweat.
  9. This Manta Scarf will keep her warm and colorfully stylish.
  10. The Jag Insulated Puffer Vest helps you stay warm without the extra mass or weight. Light for packing, too.
  11. The Power Stove campstove is pretty amazing. It’s just under 2 pounds (that’s important) and it can cook your meal, boil your water and charge your phone. No joke.
  12. The Haulin’ Mass Tote is perfect for hauling in the groceries or loading up for the camping trip.
  13. This Mini Hip Pack is perfect for a day hike when you just need to carry your lip balm, cell phone, bandanna and i.d. because, of course, your husband has got the water!
  14. For the gal who hikes, backpacks or camps in really cold weather, this Bellamy Fleece Pullover is an essential.
  15. The Cinch Headband is a stylish, but warm way to cover your ears for any outdoor sport or outing.
  16. The Dash Glove is a lightweight running glove or a soothing glove liner for your sturdier ski gloves.
  17. I love my Swell Water Bottle, and I bet you or your active gal will love this one, too.
  18. The Couch-to-Crush-It Watch is a GPS enabled Garmin that tracks daily steps, calories, distance and more. And it’s only $100.
  19. The Bhaktapur Hat is made of pure lamb’s wool with a fleece lining.
  20. This Can’t Miss Long Jane set is the perfect baselayer for snow sports, but also can be worn as pajamas.
  21. The Alchemy Jacket is said to stretch with you, repel water and never leak down fibers. This is a sturdy and bright jacket.
  22. The Hegar Boot runs a little small, so size up. But they’re waterproof, tough and comfortable, according to reviews.
  23. More lights for the gal who gets her workout in during the darker hours, check out these Ride Out Loud Lights.
  24. This one’s not a sweater dress, but a jersey dress. And this Dream 3/4 Sleeve Dress is marked down 30%. A great buy for the travelling woman who wants a dress in her suitcase.
  25. And this delicate Single Track Necklace in Turquoise would look beautiful with it.
  26. Finally, this Kamala Sweater Dress would look great with tights or leggings and boots.

Whether you’re interested in hiking clothes or something warmer for a snow skiing adventure, I hope you’ll check out Title Nine. And let me know what you think. Of course, I’ve included affiliate links in this post, so if you shop through them and buy anything, I’ll potentially earn a commission. Thank you for supporting what I do here by shopping my links. I am grateful.